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Welcome to WYB Cheerleading!




The WYB Cheer Fall 2018 registration will be open from June 3 through July 22 for all girls and boys in grades Kindergarten through 7th grade as long as you reside within the Worthington School Distrit.  No registrations will be accepted after July 22.  The participation fee is $70.  We require payment when you register.  If you register without paying, and have not paid within 72 hours of registering, you will be removed from the program roster.

The Fall 2018 Cheer program begins Wednesday, August 8 and runs through Sunday, October 28.  Practices will be held weekly on Wednesdays from 6pm-7pm at Granby Elementary School playground and surrounding greenspace.  Squads will cheer on Sundays beginning August 19 through October 28 at Thomas Worthington High School Stadium or adjacent fields.  The Cheer times for Sundays will be posted by August 8.  We have to wait for the football schedules to be finalized before we can assign the cheer squad times.

Cheer practice is every Wednesday from 6-7pm from August 8-October 24 at Granby Elementary School playgrounds, outside common areas, and surrounding green space. Once your practice area has been determined, please go to the same area each week for your squad practices. Parents, you will pick up your child from that same area at 7pm every week. 


On August 8th we will have all Cheer participants check in with the Cheer Director and ask that they arrive at 5:45pm for this first practice.  Please meet at the McCord Middle School outdoor basketball courts.  On August 8th, all participants will receive complimentary Pom-Pom's, WYB Cheer water bottle and a new WYB Cheer bow.  For the Fall 2018 Cheer season, we will be using the WYB Cheer string bags that were provided to all WYB Cheer participants in Fall 2017.  If you did not cheer in Fall 2017, please contact the WYB Cheer Director (Karyn Hendricks) and we will make arrangements for a WYB Cheer string bag on a first come, first serve basis until last year's extra bags have been distributed.
We would like all WYB cheer participants to bring their WYB Cheer string bags and WYB Cheer water bottles to all weekly practices, and Sunday games.  We highly recommend you put names on all string bags and water bottles in order to keep track of them.
The WYB Cheer bows will be slightly different than last year's Cheer bows.  We ask that all participants wear the WYB Cheer bows to all Sunday games along with their uniforms.  It is not necessary to wear your uniform, Cheer bow or bring pom-poms to weekly practices.  Please wear comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes to weekly practices.  White shoes can be worn to Sunday games, and can be purchased at Payless, Target or Wal-Mart.
Please pick up your child at 7pm each Wednesday. If you are running late, please text your child to let them know.  The child can tell the coach you are running late. The coaches can not go home until all participants have been picked up by their parents or guardians. The coaches need to get home to their families, so please be considerate and pick up your child at 7pm each week. 


There will be a Port-a-John at McCord Football field and it can be used during our 6-7pm Cheer practices on Wednesdays.  We are not allowed to use the restrooms in the schools for security purposes.  All participants will be accompanied to the port-a-john by a WYB volunteer.



Participants will cheer one hour at Thomas Worthington High School on Sundays starting August 19 and ending on October 28.  August 19 is the WYB Football Preview Night and the cheer squads will perform for an hour sometime between 4:30pm to 8pm.  All following Sundays, the cheer squads will perform for an hour sometime between noon and 4:30pm.  The times for each Sunday that the cheer squad will be performing will be announced by August 8.  The Super Bowl games will be held on Sunday, October 28 and that will be the last regular Sunday for cheering at games.  The squads will perform a special dance at half-time of the Super Bowl games.  This dance will be taught during the weekly practices.

There will be an All-Star WYB Football game on Sunday, Nov 4 and all those interested in cheering at this game are welcome to participate.  This last date of Nov 4 is optional.

Cheer teams will be invited to participate in WYB Spirit Night at Worthington Kilbourne High School Football game on Friday, October 5th and also on Friday, August 16 at Thomas Worthington High School Football game, where they will cheer the first quarter with the high school cheerleaders!!!!  WYB Cheerleaders will get free admission to the High School Football game, but all parents and family members will be required to pay for admission to the game.  At least one parent/guardian are required to attend with the participant for security purposes.  You will be excused to leave after the first quarter, but are welcome and encouraged to stay for the entire game.



The WYB Cheer Coaches for the 2018 Fall Season are:


Amy McKnight                                                                             Kindergarten

Rachel Ford                                     rford@associated-ins.com        1st Grade

Jayme Bell                                      jmelouks81@gmail.com           4th-6th Grade

Jennifer Trackler                              jtrackler@yahoo.com               4th-6th Grade


We are looking for coaches for the 2nd, and 3rd Grade Squads.  We will need to combine age group squads if we can not find coaches for all these separate grades.  We prefer to have a separate squad for each grade if possible.



Brittany McKnight                    

Ashlee Haldeman



Karyn Hendricks                                        

Mobile 614-596-6746


If you would like to be a WYB Cheer Coach or help with the WYB Cheer program, please contact the Cheer Director, Karyn Hendricks.


Videos of the WYB Cheers are posted on the WYB Cheer Facebook page.  This will help the girls practice at home, and if they miss a practice, they can still learn the cheers that will be performed at the Sunday games. 

If you miss a Cheer practice, you can use the videos on the WYB Cheer Facebook page to learn and practice those cheers at home. We suggest you make friends with those on your cheer squad and find out from them what cheers were worked on at the practice you missed.


Please join our Facebook page to keep up to date on all WYB Cheer events, and to see the WYB Cheer videos you can practice along with. We will send emails occasionally, but Facebook will be our main communication tool.  We will also update the WYB Cheer website for important announcements, but we higly recommed you join the Facebook page to stay updated.  The Facebook page is private to protect the safety our children in the program.  We require that you provide your child's name when you request to join the group so that we can verify you should have access to the group.



As you may know, we will have all new WYB Cheer uniforms for Fall 2018.  We found out in early June that the uniforms we have had for the past few seasons are no longer available from the manufacturer.  But we are very excited to announce that we have found new uniforms that are high quality, super awesome, and less expensive than the previous uniforms.  


The WYB Cheer uniform online store is now open.  Please go to the link below and place your order online by July 22 so that your uniform will be delivered before the first game on August 19.  All uniforms will be delivered to Brittany McKnight, and will be handed out at practice on either August 8 (if received by then) or by August 15.

There will be two more uniform fitting sessions that you can attend.  It is highly recommended you attend a uniform fitting session to ensure that you order the correct uniform size.  

July 11 from 6-7pm

July 14 from 4pm - 5pm

Both fittings will be held at the Worthington Youth Boosters (WYB) office at the Worthington Education Center (WEC) located at 200 E. Wilson Bridge Rd, Worthington, OH  43085.

If you can not attend either of these fittings please call or text Brittany McKnight at 614-674-2895 and she will try to help you get a uniform filtting scheduled.

You only need to order a top, skirt, briefs and socks.  WYB will provide the pom poms, hair bows and water bottles as part of your registration fee,


It is very important that everyone place their uniform order online by July 22 so that the uniforms will arrive in time for our first football game on August 19.




We are working on a Spiritwear team store with Ares that you can purchase spiritwear items online.  More info to come about our new Spiritwear!