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Welcome to WYB Cheerleading!


2017-2018  WYB CHEER 


The Winter-I 2017 Cheer program begins Saturday, November 4 and runs through Saturday, December 9.  All classes will be held at the WYB Gymnastics Facility at The Continent (see address below).  There will be no cheer class on November 25.  Cost is $65.00 for the 5 week session.

Class times are:

9am-10am for age groups Kindergarten through 2nd grade

10am-11am for age groups 3rd grade through 5th grade

11am-12noon for age groups 6th through 8th grade

We will split up by grade for each class - there will be 3 groups in each class.  There will be 8-12 participants in each group.  

Each class will have the following curriculum:

10 minutes - Conditioning & Stretching

25 minutes - Dance or Cheer

25 minutes - Flexibility / Tumbling Skills

We reserve the right to cancel any class that has less than 4 participants.  We reserve the right to change the class time by one hour earlier (or later) for classes that have less than 4 participants.


Please check this website for Cheer program updates throughout the year.


The WYB Cheer Committee for 2017-2018:



Rachel Ford                                           rford@associated-ins.com  

Kindergarten Coach


Rachel Cloys                                         cloys.rachel@gmail.com

Maggie McGaughy                                 margaret.mobley@faulkner.edu

1st grade Coaches


Sarah McBrien                                      

2nd grade Coach


Jayme Bell (formerly Jayme Louks)        jmelouks81@gmail.com

3rd-4th grade Coach


Sheila Gill                                            sheilalgill@yahoo.com

5th-6th grade Coach




Brittany McKnight                                  

Ashleigh Haldeman                               ashrhaldeman@gmail.com



Karyn Hendricks                                    

If you would like to be a WYB Cheer Coach or help with the WYB Cheer program, please contact the Cheer Director, Karyn Hendricks. 


WYB Gym location:

6124 Suite F - Busch Blvd  (map - closest physical address 1050 Mediterranean Ave., Columbus, 43229


Our gym entrance, Suite F, is at the far south end of the building and not part of the indoor soccer facility.  The closest physical address for the gym entrance is 1050 Mediterranean Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43229



From High Street & 161, take 161 East to Busch Boulevard. Turn left onto Busch Boulevard. Turn right on Shapter, then left on Boardwalk, then right on Mediterranean. Turn left into Continent apartments parking lot. The WYB gym is in the big light green building east of the parking lot. It is a building that is shared with many other tenants. The gymnastics entrance is the very last door on the south end of the building. There is a small green awning with a sign in the window that says Worthington Gymnastics.

*Please note the the closest google map pinpointed address is 1050 Mediterranean Ave, but does not depict the specific entrance for the WYB Gym.


Practice Update - Thursdays:

If it is raining at 6pm, we will practice indoors at Granby Elementary School.  If it is not raining at 6pm, please go to your normal outdoor practice area.





Cheer Squad    Cheer Time

Kindergarten       12:00 Noon 
1st Grade            2:30pm
2nd Grade          1:15pm
3rd Grade           12:00 Noon
4th Grade           1:30pm
5th-6th Grade     1:30pm

All WYB Football games are at TWHS Stadium or Flats. You will receive your actual schedule with the location for each date from your coach this week.

Super Bowl Sunday is October 22 and the game times may change slightly. Your cheer time for this date will be listed on your schedule you receive from your coach.


Please join our Facebook page to keep up to date on all WYB Cheer events, and to see the WYB Cheer videos you can practice along with.  We will send emails occasionally, but Facebook will be our main communication tool.  We will also update the WYB Cheer website for important announcements, but we higly recommed you join the Facebook page to stay updated.  The Facebook page is private to protect the safety our children in the program.  We require that you provide your child's name when you request to join the group so that we can verify you should have access to the group.


Cheer practice is every Thursday from 6-7pm from August 3-October 19. Please go to the same area each week for your squad practices. Parents, you will pick them up from that same area at 7pm. If it is raining at 5:45pm, we will have Cheer Practice in the gym and cafeteria of Granby Elementary School (located behind McCord Middle School at 1490 Hard Road). 



Please pick up your child at 7pm each Thursday. If you are running late, please text your child to let them know.  The child can tell the coach you are running late. The coaches can not go home until all participants have been picked up by their parents or guardians. The coaches need to get home to their families, so please be considerate and pick up your child at 7pm each week. 


There is now a Port-a-John at McCord Football field and it can be used during our 6-7pm Cheer practices on Thursdays.




If you miss a Cheer practice, you can use the videos on this Facebook page to learn and practice those cheers at home. We suggest you make friends with those on your cheer squad and find out from them what cheers were worked on at the practice you missed.

Wear comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes for practice.  No pom-poms are needed for practice.  Bring a bottle of water with your name marked on it.


The WYB Cheer Committee for Fall 2017:



Jayme Bell (formerly Jayme Louks)        jmelouks81@gmail.com

Coaching grades 3rd-4th


Sarah McBrien                                     

Coaching 2nd grade


Rachel Ford

Coaching Kindergarten                           rford@associated-ins.com


Rachel Cloys & Maggie McGaughy           cloys.rachel@gmail.com

Coaching 1st grade                                margaret.mobley@faulkner.edu


Sheila Gill                                            SheilaLGill@yahoo.com

Coaching grades 5th-7th



Brittany McKnight                                 

Ashleigh Haldeman                               ashrhaldeman@gmail.com



Karyn Hendricks                                   


If you would like to be a WYB Cheer Coach or help with the WYB Cheer program, please contact the Cheer Director, Karyn Hendricks.